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In case you haven't checked the lj spotlight lately, one of the new communities featured is badmakeup.

Being an ardent fan of makeup with her fair share of opinions, I was amused, and promptly explored the community.
I'm really not pleased by what I found.

badmakeup is a community based in maliciously ridiculing cosmetic mistakes both big and small. The users freely admit that most of their posts are grudge posts, and the admins, particularly heatherface, are neither patient nor respectful. In this post, heatherface recounts a post where, instead of warning the poster of imminent deletion for bad picture quality or asking her to choose different pictures, immediately attacks the poster, she mocks her for holding a grudge, insults her without provocation, and then proceeds to screencap the post so that the ridicule can live on.

It really bothers me that lj_spotlight would highlight a community that approves that kind of malicious behavior. It would be a different matter if they handled the kind of fail (and there is epic amounts of it) with some modicum of respect, but they don't. I'm all for freedom of speech, but I don't think the livejournal administration should be perpetuating this particular use of it.

(why am I posting this here? I can't figure out how to contact the spotlight mods, and i needed to say it. someone stole $30 and the coinpurse my grandmother gave me out of my purse today. too bad for them that half of it's in Canadian currency, ha ha ha.)
Tags: in the meantime, livejournal, rawr, this does not please me.
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