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Doo doo do doo do

mana mana.

Nants ingonyama baghiti baba!
Sithi uhmm, ingonyama.
Siyo nqoba...

I am. She who knew me a long time ago calls me Lynny, those who know me now call me Annë. I'm fine with both.
I believe in a lot of things. I believe in love, and I believe in G-d, and I believe in beauty. I also believe in pain, and despair, and fighting back. I believe in trust, and I believe in hope, and I believe that someday, we'll be okay, because we all blame 'society', but 'society' is made up of you and me, and if the you and me take a step, society has to move, too.
I believe in poetry and photography and art and words, but I also believe that people who have truly mastered words are the people who break all the rules to speak plainly. I believe in family, and good food, and growing up. I believe in going with the flow, living life day by day, and conquering your own demons, even if it's two steps forward, one step back.

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