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Writer's Block: Banking for Phones

Do you do any banking on your smartphone? If yes, what do you do? If not, what's holding you back?


Well, that's not true. I check my balance through texting. But if I were to do any banking on my phone and then lose it, whoever finds it would have access to my college savings. Which is not something that's okay with me.

A while ago, I was sharing a story idea I had with a couple of friends. My idea was plotless, but was set in a futuristic world where instead of driver's licenses or social security cards or what have you, everyone had a little chip embedded in the skin of their right wrist. The chip had everything on it--one's identity, social security, age, address--and could also be used as a sort of debit card so one wouldn't have to carry around currency. I was in the middle of describing this when one of my friends interrupts and asks, "But then everyone would have access to all your information."
I tried to explain that that wasn't how it would work--each level of information would be encrypted, and only certain people would have the key to the encryption, and you can extrapolate from there--but she didn't believe me. She firmly believed that it was a very dangerous concept that people could hack into and abuse very easily.

It's funny to me that something like that idea can be considered dangerous, when people readily handle their finances on their phones--a small object that can be lost very easily. It just seems so dangerous to me.
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