ë (lynnyanne) wrote,

Heather Sky Plug Go!

Heather Sky is an Original Character Only game. Characters can have super natural abilities, be human, or non-human.

Welcome to Heather Sky Landing - a city that is essentially just a massive building that stretches over two miles long, and a half mile wide. This city was originally built some time ago as a refuge for non-humans to go to as they were generally not accepted by the outside world. However, as time progressed, occasionally humans would appear there, and come to stay as well. Some of these humans may have possessed exceptional abilities, some an average person with no abilities.

For further information please visit the community.

In all seriousness, gaiz, it's fun. It's a tiny, very slow community, because the mod's computer died and thus died all moderation for about three weeks, but it's picking up again. I love it. It's also a great place for character whores and those itching for a place to play their magic. Take a look?
Tags: heather sky, ramblings, roleplaying
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