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Player Information

Name/Nickname: Lynnyanne/Lyn/Anne
Personal Journal: lynnyanne
Contact: kcatscribbles // lynnyanne@gmail.com

Character Information

Name: Eirny Wesoüth (Erin-y Wes-oh-ooth) => Erin/Ree
Age: 12
Species: 1/2 human, 1/2 negligibly-not-human.
Abilities: extreme cuteness, little-girl innocence, telepathic/telekinetic powers LIKE WHOA.
Occupation: Student
Personality: Eirny is a cutie. That’s the best way to describe it. She giggles easily, gives hugs willingly, and has the simple innocence of a child untainted by culture or social pressure--which she is.
While cheerful, Eirny is not particularly popular or charismatic. When in a group of children of her own age, she assumes the role of the mother-figure, and is quick to make sure everyone is included, whether or not that involves tearing someone down for being mean. When around people older than her, she withdraws, watching and listening but not sharing in any way until she becomes very comfortable. With people she knows, like Adila, Eirny is insightful, very articulate, quiet, drily funny, and bright. With strangers, she is quiet. When she does speak, however, she is blunt and straightforward; 12 years of hearing thoughts and living with parents who knew exactly what she was thinking removed the need for any fabrication.

Eirny has a huge fear of not being taken seriously. This is one of the reasons for her shyness around elders, and also one of the reasons she is quick to anger when ridiculed. An angry Eirny is a threatening thing; her grip slips when she’s angry, and she has lost control on a few occasions. A total loss of control results in destruction that can be anything from very localized damage to mass devastation. To make things worse, Eirny is small and delicate for her age--her parents are half-Asian and something like Indian, giving her big, striking brown eyes, a strong nose, dark hair, and tiny stature (she also has fair skin--no one knows where that came from). There have been classmates over the years, and older bullies, who have picked on her. Most of them ended up in the hospital.

Strengths: Eirny’s obscene mental strength is a given. She also has a memory like a steel trap, above-average intelligence that shows up in odd ways, and quite a grip for a tiny 12-year-old. Eirny has the patience of an angel with children younger than her, and a knack for organization, but a lack of power control that can cause problems in both those areas.
And yet, her most prevalent character trait is sweetness. She’s self-sacrificing, adoring, and devoted--discriminately.

Weaknesses: Eirny’s temper causes problems. Both her mother and father are fierce when they’re angry; she inherited that anger three-fold. She makes for a formidable figure when she’s in a temper, the least of the reasons for which being that she tends to short out lights and other electrical devices. She hates being talked down to, or mocked, though she can take criticism from her teachers.
She gets tunnel vision when she’s angry, and only magical interference can stop her. This makes Addie perfect for watching over her.

Eirny is curious to a fault. She always wants to know what's going on around her, and in the heads of the people she talks to, which can cause serious problems if someone who isn't so keen on being read catches on to what it means when her pupils dilate. She has lost friends that way, but has also learned to be rather discreet about what she learns.

Eirny Wesoüth was born Eirny Cameron Wesoüth to Genevive Stilten and Tamar Wesoüth on February 4th. She, like Adila, traveled from world to world with her parents as soon as she could walk. A few months ago, she and her parents were caught in a trap in a hostile community. Eirny and Genevive escaped with the aid of other missionaries, but Tamar was captured and tortured in an effort to ‘drive the demon out of him’. He ended up losing control and destroying the compound where he was held in a lash of furious telekinetic power.
After Tamar was rescued and recovered, he and Genevive decided almost immediately that Eirny needed to be protected from something like that happening again. They were torn between settling down with her and sending her away, but Eirny, who had been eavesdropping from across the house, interrupted and told them quite calmly that it was alright; they should go on with what they were doing, because it was important, and she could go live with Uncle Jei and Uncle Eytan.
Jei and Eytan--a couple in the extended missionary family who were unable to travel on account of Eytan’s health, and therefore provided remote assistance--were plenty fine with taking Eirny in, but there was no school for her to go to. Genevive and Tamar spoke with Ayele, Charlie, and a few other relatives, and the suggestion of Heather Sky came up.
Genevive called Adila, who said yes immediately. And thus, Eirny Cameron Wesoüth became a citizen of Heather Sky.

Writing Samples

Third Person: (a standard sample taking place in the city)
Eirny sat down on the bench and tucked her legs under her, slipping one earbud into an ear and hitting play on the hand-me-down iPod Addie had given her. The day after she had arrived, Addie had taken her shopping with the money her parents had given, and fretted internally over her the entire time they shopped, worrying silently if she missed her parents, if she really liked what they were getting for her room, if everything was okay.
Eirny had reassured her quietly when they got back home, saying she did miss her parents, but she did like the things they were getting, particularly the rug, and that Addie was a great cousin, and everything was going to be okay.
Addie had paused, and Eirny had heard the uncertainty and confusion flash through her head. Then it was pierced by clarity, as Addie remembered that Eirny was telepathic, and a laugh.
“Okay,” she’d said, bending to hug Eirny. “Just be sure to let me know if something is wrong, okay? I can’t read your thoughts like you can mine.”
Eirny nodded. She had heard the silent request for discretion, and promised internally that she would respect her cousin’s wishes.

Now, on the bench outside Addie’s work--Adila had forgotten to leave a key under the doormat--Eirny closed her eyes and reached out, spreading her hearing over the crowds in the shopping area like a net over the ocean. She’d learned from a young age to filter the thoughts like threads slipping through her fingers in order to keep her sanity. Now she moved from thought to thought like a dancer from foot to foot, familiarizing herself with the population as best she knew how.
It was fascinating. She had never been a part of such a varied population. A small smile, the sort that belonged on a scholar thrice her age, slipped across Eirny's face. Some of the people thought so differently; there was one mind that thought in colors, but it was gone before Eirny could grab onto it, and there was another chest of secrets to admire almost immediately. Eirny flitted from mind to mind, watching the thoughts slip by like golden threads as she listened.

She was still sitting on that bench two hours later, when Addie came racing out of work, all in a panic because she'd forgotten to leave her cousin a key.

Personal Journal:
I like this Heather Sky.
I do miss my parents, as Addie worried. I don't think it will be easy living without them, since I'll need to explain everything aloud to Addie, instead of letting her just read my mind. I keep telling her that she could try telepathy and it would probably work, but she doesn't seem to think so.
So now I get to talk.
School starts soon. I'm nervous. I'm in eighth grade--having a good memory and telepathy makes me smarter than other kids. I don't want to go, because I'm afraid that someone will tease me, and I know I get bad when I get angry, but that doesn't make it any easier to not get angry.
But Addie says I have to.
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